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The narratives and desires of migrants who arrive in the border town of Colchane, in the Tarapacá region of Chile, are the starting point of the poetic confrontation of the documentary essay film Constitución Nómada, which is part of the rhizomatic project Constitución Nómada – Moving Assemblies. In May 2022, the first political assemblies for a nomadic constitution took place at the Bolivian-Chilean border, in which more than 40 migrants participated. Based on this, Kasia Wojcik develops a multidisciplinary exhibition, film, performance and assembly series to realize the nomadic constitution in different places of the world with different communities. The essayistic short film serves as an archive and reflection of these processes and, together with accompanying portrait photographs of the protagonists of the assemblies, forms the heart of the exhibition. The exhibition sees itself as a tool for political education. It also aims to facilitate and expand the conversation about new forms of constitutionalism, transnationalism, and citizenship through innovative discourse events. The international team’s diverse network of global and local scholars, activists, politicians, artists, and NGOs helps to facilitate a transdisciplinary exchange on the various issues. Invited by the media artist Joulia Strauss, as well as Avtonomi Akadimia and Atopos CVC, Kasia Wojcik will explore the questions of a nomadic constitution in her residency in Athens in the summer of 2023 in collaboration with local migrant self-organizations well as other artists.

As part of her 2021 Artistic Residency and in conjunction with the city of Palermo, Kasia Wojcik, together with performance artist and musician Ruth Kemna, created a sound performance consisting of the elements of spoken word and viola. Based on the experiences both artists have during their artistic residency in Palermo, they experiment with the friction and convergence of music and language. In this philosophical-poetic encounter, based on the research of the Canadian theorist Alexis Shotwell in her essay “Against Purity”, the narrator roams the streets of the Mediterranean city and, at the same time, of her own consciousness. In search of the periphery, in the geographical but also in the psychological sense, the poetic performance explores existence as a fabric of interdependencies and entanglements. From the collected material Kasia Wojcik, together with documentary filmmaker Jonas Brander, produced a cinematic poetic lecture. Aphorisms of Entanglement is Kasia Wojcik’s first poetry film. Here she explores the philosophical approach to being a political and living subject in the compromised reality of late capitalism. By incorporating the local realities of Sicily, she connects these images to the interwoven globality of the neocolonial self. The cinematic performance was shown during das ad hoc’s performance as part of Corona Culture at the Alte Münze Berlin in October 2021.

“Aphorisms of Entanglement” (2021, Palermo, Kasia Wojcik, Jonas Brander, Ruth Kemna)