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Kasia Wojcik is a theatre artist, poet and activist, based in Berlin. Her main interest lies in the intersection of art and activism, critically examining her own artivist practices by constant reflection. She is part of the artist collective Staub zu Glitzer. Since 2017 she is working as a freelance dramaturge and curator for IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder/Milo Rau. Here, she was involved in General AssemblyThe New Gospel and is currently co-curating School of Resistance,  an award-winning, multidisciplinary discourse series on strategies between art and activism for a solidary future. With the poetry collective das ad hoc she realizes readings, performances and collective writing processes. Kasia Wojcik is part of the feminist artist network Room To Bloom. At the moment she is primarily working on the transdisciplinary film, performance and exhibition series Constitución Nómada – Moving Assemblies in Colchane, Athens and Berlin..